BIM Lectures

Building Information Modeling (BIM) defined as:

A digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition.

Course Information:

Course Title: CE-118L Building Information Modelling (BIM) Lab
Course Instructor: Engr. Faisal ur Rehman
Credit Hours: 1
Semester/year: 2nd/1st Year Spring 2019
Prerequisites: None
Equivalent Courses: None

Assessment Weights:

In-lab Assessment: 50%
Open Ended Lab (mini-project): 15%
Final Lab Viva: 35%

Course Aims:

  • To introduce students with the user interface and the basic building components of a BIM software (FreeCAD, xBIM toolkit, Autodesk Revit or any other BIM software covering this course content).
  • To enable students use BIM software in creating simple and complex drawings and detailing, and designing buildings structures.

BIM Lectures by Dr. Muhammad Adil

  • Students can download BIM lectures of Dr. Muhammad Adil.
  • These lectures are useful if you want to learn more about BIM features from AutoRevit.
  • Click on this link to visit Dr. Muhammad Adil’s BIM Course webpage.

Course Contents:

Click this link to download course content. It contains following items:

  • Weekly Distribution of Course.
  • Class Learning Objectives (CLO) and Program Learning Objectives (PLO).
  • Rubrics for:
    • In-lab Assessment
    • Open Ended Lab (mini-project)
    • Final Viva-Voce

Open Ended Lab (Mini-Project):

Click this link to download information regarding mini-project.


Lecture 01 - Intro:

Lecture 01 is about introduction to BIM. It contains basic definitions, explanation and uses of BIM. Click on link to download lecture 01. Student is required to note his/her classwork in a dedicated mini-project copy and bring laptop for practice work. Student shall write summary of lecture and email it to me.

Lecture 02 - 2D Drafting and Modify tools:

Lecture 02 is about familiarizing ourselves with interface of FreeCAD. It explains few commands from 2D Drafting and Modify toolbar. You can download its tutorial from this link. Student shall write summary of lecture and email it to me.

Lecture 03 - Setting up Levels and Grids:

Lecture 03 explains further how to work in freeCAD using draft workbench. It explains traditional 2D drafting tutorial from FreeCAD manual (page 64-79). You can download its elaborated and more helpful steps from this link You can download its helpful files from my github repo for this course. Lecture 03 is in progress. Further explanation for levels and gridviews will be added later on. Student shall write summary of lecture and email it to me.

Lecture 04 - Working with Views:

Lecture 04 is about further working with BIM tool and practicing tasks related to modifying BIM Objects. Currently an introductory tutorial is covered. This tutorial can be downloaded from this link. Student shall write summary of lecture and email it to me.

  • In Class Activity:
    • Demonstration: Student is required to show two walls and a slab using BIM toolbar of freeCAD.
    • Lab Work Student shall setup BIM Workbench. Student shall familiarize him/herself with BIM Workbench tools. Student shall perform in-game tutorial attached with this lecture. Edit drawn feature.

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