Cost Optimization for Concrete Footing


This work aims at developing a direct-search computational procedure based on the Complex Method of Box with appropriate changes for obtaining optimal design of reinforced concrete combined footings. The objective function includes cost of excavation, filling, concrete and reinforcement for the footings which is minimized duringthe optimization process. The design variables comprise the depth, width and length of the footings; and the area of flexural reinforcement at the moment critical sections. The explicit constraints such as restrictions on dimensions of the footings and the implicit constraints such as the restrictions on stresses and displacements as per the relevant provisions of American Concrete Institute (ACI) specifications and codes, based on strength design method are satisfied. The Computer program is developed using Visual Basics .NET (VB.Net) programming language to perform the structural analysis, design and optimization of the combined footings. The method finds the optimum solution in terms of discrete variables. Two numerical examples are solved to observe the behavior of the optimization method. The results illustrate favorable design improvements and rate of convergence.

Cost Optimization of Combined Footings Using Modified Complex Method of Box